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What if on just one day every year millions of American consumers voted with our dollars in favor of locally owned and operated businesses, instead of big-box, chain stores?

Why Buy Local?

  • Local businesses produce more income, jobs, and tax receipts for local communities than big box stores do.
  • Local businesses are more likely to utilize local ads, banks and other services.
  • Local businesses donate more money to nonprofits and are more accountable to their local communities.
  • Supporting local businesses preserves the economic diversity of our communities and the unique character of our neighborhoods.
  • Supporting local businesses is good for the environment, because it cuts down on fuel consumption. Buying locally produced goods reduces the need to ship goods from thousands of miles away and also cuts down on the distances shoppers travel.

Big box stores like Wal-Mart and the Gap are steamrolling their way into cities and towns throughout the country, pushing down wages and forcing small, local businesses to close because they can’t compete with these mega-companies’ predatory practices. But there’s something we can do!

Let’s send a message that we support our hometown businesses and oppose the negative impacts of chain stores and big box stores on our communities. On November 18th, consumer groups around the country are joining a national campaign sponsored by the American Independent Business Alliance, to encourage consumers to buy locally for the holidays – and all year round. Join American Unchained or organize a Buy Local Day any day of the year in your own community.

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