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Organize a Buy Local Day in Your City!

Organizing a Buy Local Day in your community is a great way to bring attention to the benefits of buying local rather than buying from big box stores. Click here for ideas about how to organize a Buy Local Day. They range from something very small scale, like getting your friends to hand out “buy local” flyers outside chain stores on a particular day to something larger scale like getting your city government to declare a particular day the official “buy local day” in your city. You can also promote buying local by organizing a screening of “Independent America” or “Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price; or inviting a speaker like Stacy Mitchell, the author of Big Box Swindle to do a speaking event; or getting local businesses to display “buy local” signs in their windows. to check out BALLE’s comprehensive how-to guide to organizing a buy local first campaign in your community.

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