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Organize a Buy Local Day in Your City! Organizing a Buy Local Day in your community is a great way to bring attention to the benefits of buying local rather than buying from big box stores. Click here for ideas about how to organize a Buy Local Day. They range from something very small scale, like getting your friends to hand out “buy local” flyers outside chain stores on a particular day to something larger scale like getting your city government to declare a particular day the official “buy local day” in your city. You can also promote buying local by .. Read More >>

Featured Buy Local City: Portland Portland, OR has a long-established Buy Local campaign called “Think Local First.” It’s a grassroots educational and marketing campaign encouraging Portland area residents to shop at local independently owned businesses. The Portland Mayor has officially proclaimed the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, November 25th, as Buy Local Day in Portland, and other cities can use the as a template for their own city. Check out Portland’s

Why Buy Local? Big box stores like Wal-Mart are steamrolling their way into cities and towns throughout the country, pushing down wages and forcing small, local businesses to close because they can’t compete with these mega-companies’ predatory practices. But there’s something we can do! Let’s vote with our dollars in favor of locally owned, independent businesses and against the negative impacts of chain stores and big box stores on our communities! Why buy local? Local businesses produce more income, jobs, and tax receipts for local communities than big box stores do; Local businesses are more likely to .. Read More >>

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